Iron deposition in rabbit cerebellum after exposure to mobile GSM electromagnetic fields

zaterdag, 20 januari 2018 - Categorie: Onderzoeken

Bratisl Lek Listy. 2017;118(10):575-579. doi: 10.4149/BLL_2017_110.

Iron deposition in rabbit cerebellum after exposure to generated and mobile GSM electromagnetic fields.

Kopani M, Filova B, Sevcik P, Kosnac D, Misek J, Polak S, Kohan M, Major J, Zdimalova M, Jakus J.

Mobile phone application may cause structural, functional changes and accumulation of toxic elements in brain.

The aim of this study was to investigate iron accumulation in rabbit cerebellum after exposure to RF EMF with light and scanning electron microscopy.

Histochemical analysis of iron distribution by light and electron microscopy with energy-dispersive microanalysis was used.

Light microscopy revealed dystrophic changes of Purkinje cells in irradiated groups and iron deposits located in various parts of cerebellum. Deposits consists of C, O, Na, Mg, Al, Si, P, S, Cl, Ca and Fe.

Our experiment revealed structural changes of Purkinje cells and iron and aluminium accumulations in stratum granulosum of rabbit's cerebellum after exposure to RF EMF (Fig. 6, Ref. 33).

brain; radiofrequency electromagnetic field electron microscopy.

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