Radiofrequency radiations induced genotoxic and carcinogenic effects on chickpea root tip cells

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Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences

Available online 11 February 2016

Radiofrequency radiations induced genotoxic and carcinogenic effects on chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) root tip cells

Sadaf Tabasum Qureshi a, , Sajjad Ahmed Memon b, Abdul Rasool Abassi a, Mahboob Ali Sial c, Farooque Ali Bughio a
a Institute of Plant Sciences, University of Sindh, Jamshoro, Pakistan
b Nuclear Institute of Medicine and Radiotherapy Jamshoro, Pakistan
c Nuclear Institute of Agriculture, Tando Jam, Pakistan

Received 7 September 2015, Revised 21 January 2016, Accepted 7 February 2016, Available online 11 February 2016

Open Access funded by King Saud University

Present study was under taken to predict the possible DNA damages (genotoxicity) and carcinogenicity caused by radiofrequency radiations (RF) to living tissue. Dry seeds of chickpea were treated with GSM cell phone (900 MHz) and laptop (3.31 GHz) as RF source for 24 and 48 h. Untreated seeds were used as (0 h) negative control and Gamma rays (250 Gray) as positive control. Plant chromosomal aberration assay was used as genotoxicity marker. All the treatment of RF inhibits seed germination percentage. 48 h laptop treatment has the most negative effect as compared to untreated control. A decrease was observed in mitotic index (M.I) and increase in abnormality index (A.I) with the increase in exposure duration and frequency in (Hz). Cell membrane damages were also observed only in 48 h exposure of cell phone and laptop (RF). Maximum nuclear membrane damages and ghost cells were again recorded in 48 h exposure of cell phone and laptop. The radiofrequency radiations (900 MHz and 3.31 GHz) are only genotoxic as they induce micronuclei, bi-nuclei, multi-nuclei and scattered nuclei but could be carcinogenic as 48 h incubation of RF induced fragmentation and ghost cells. Therefore cell phones and laptop should not be used unnecessarily to avoid possible genotoxic and carcinogenic effects.

Radio frequency radiation; Genotoxicity; Carcinogenicity; Chromosomal aberrations

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