Pulsed radio frequency energy (PRFE) use in human medical applications

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Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine, 30(1): 21–45, 2011
Copyright Q Informa Healthcare USA, Inc.
ISSN: 1536-8378 print / 1536-8386 online

Lifei Guo1
, Nicole J. Kubat2 & Richard A. Isenberg2
Division of Plastic Surgery, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts,
USA, and 2
Regenesis Biomedical Inc., Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

A number of electromagnetic field-based technologies are available for therapeutic medical
applications. These therapies can be broken down into different categories based on technical
parameters employed and type of clinical application. Pulsed radio frequency energy (PRFE)
therapy is a non invasive, electromagnetic field-based therapeutic that is based on delivery of
pulsed, shortwave radio frequency energy in the 13–27.12 MHz carrier frequency range, and
designed for local application to a target tissue without the intended generation of deep heat.
It has been studied for use in a number of clinical applications, including as a palliative
treatment for both postoperative and non postoperative pain and edema, as well as in wound
healing applications. This review provides an introduction to the therapy, a summary of clinical
efficacy studies using the therapy in specific applications, and an overview of treatment-related

Keywords Postoperative pain and edema, Non postoperative pain and edema, Wound healing, Clinical efficacy studies, Safety, Electromagnetic field, Radio frequency

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