Legal case against UK Government for not warning about 5G health risks is awaiting judgement

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Is the government informing the public of risks associated with 5G roll out?


Judicial Review Heard
At The Royal Courts of Justice on 6th February
Details of Court Hearing
Why is the Government Not Warning the Public?

This update is from our barrister, Philip Rule, written for his chambers’ website:

On 6 and 7 February 2023 the Administrative Court heard the judicial review of the Secretary of State’s alleged failure to address the evidence of risks to human health posed by 5G technology.

No5’s Philip Rule acts for the claimants, led by Michael Mansfield KC, and instructed by Lorna Hackett of Hackett & Dabbs LLP. The case is brought by Action Against 5G and with the support of the public through Crowd Justice.

At the hearing the government argued that there is no duty to inform the public of any risks at all, because it essentially denies that there are any risks from the increased exposures or new form of radiation frequency to be used in 5G rollout. This is in keeping with its publications that have sought to reassure the public that there – categorically and conclusively – is no chance of harm arising from exposure to 5G and radiofrequency radiation (“RFR”).

The claimants’ case was outlined to the Court identifying that such a position taken by the government is not based upon the scientific report that the government itself has advanced as being the most up-to-date piece of international research. That is the “ICNIRP” (International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection) March 2020 guidelines. These however are far from finding that there are no risks at all.

Indeed, far from providing any proof of an absence of risk, the ICNIRP guidelines in fact evidence the existence of risks, and notes that several are yet to be fully understood or proven by repetition of study or by anthropological study directly on people who are ‘guinea pigs’ for ubiquitous RFR or 5G in the real-world.

ICNIRP summarises that it concludes, (based on its very limited approach discussed above) that there are already three substantiated effects caused by exposure to radiofrequency EMFs: (i) nerve stimulation, (ii) changes in the permeability of cell membranes, and (iii) effects due to temperature elevation. For many other recorded matters, it essentially notes the jury is still out, but did not find that as yet the harm to human health has already been proven. In particular there are not yet any significant number of studies into 5G technology (which uses high frequency waves, and targeted beams and pulsation in a way earlier generations did not).

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