2nd Largests insurance firm classifies 5G as a “HIGH IMPACT” liability

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6 dec. 2019

by B.N. Frank via SHTFPlan

This article was originally published by B.N. Frank at Activist Post.

In February, telecom executives gave congressional testimony that they had NO scientific evidence that 5G is safe. Many doctors and scientists say it isn’t. People and pets have already become sick where it’s been installed (see 1, 2, 3). Despite increasing worldwide opposition, warnings, and lawsuits (see 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) companies are still installing it anyway. Most would consider that to be very risky especially considering that

. Insurance companies tend to NOT do business with telecom companies any more (see 1, 2).
. Telecom companies have been warning investors for many years that they may eventually be held liable for harm caused by their devices and transmitters. In fact, there’s currently a Smart Phone Class Action lawsuit due to phones exceeding federal RF safety levels.

So it’s really not surprising that Swiss Re has classified 5G as a “High Impact” risk.

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