5G CRISIS: Historic Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against the FCC by Municipalities Across the USA

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10 juni 2019


State of the Nation
The preceding screenshot was taken from a class action lawsuit aimed at first slowing down and then vacating the FCC “order and declaratory ruling purporting to streamline the deployment of wireless facilities by pre-empting local government authority”.

It is critical for every U.S. citizen to understand that this illicit and highly consequential order by the FCC is wholly unprecedented. It is also reckless to the extreme. Much more significantly, however, this FCC ruling represents a massive and complex criminal conspiracy that will seriously injure the American people.

That the FCC would blatantly attempt to unlawfully arrogate power unto itself to foist 5G on the entire nation represents the height of federal overreach and governmental hubris. Such an illegal order is clearly a tyrannical move by the U.S. Federal Government to improperly impose the deployment of 5G on every city and county in the 50 states.

Not only is this usurpation of municipal authority completely unconstitutional, it’s a flagrant violation of various federal laws, state statutes, county codes and city ordinances.

There’s a HUGE back story to how the ongoing 5G roll-out even got started. It concerns the stealthy establishment of what’s known as the Government-Corporate Complex. The only way that the out-of-control 5G juggernaut can be correctly understood is to become aware of how “The Government-Corporate Complex Took Complete Control Of The USA“.

5G Crisis
It is quite shocking that the American people are now faced with an unparalleled public health disaster because of the patently unlawful deployment of the extremely dangerous Fifth Generation Cellular Network Technology nationwide.

How, pray tell, did this happen?
That’s simple: The IT, WiFi, Smartphone and
Telecom Industries essentially took over the
Federal Communications Commission, that’s how!

Once this coup was successful, the FCC was used to override and supersede any and every legal impediment that stood in the way of the seamless deployment of 5G across the USA.

The completely corrupted FCC was able to do this in spite of the fact that the 5G technology platform was not tested as required by law for the most basic safety concerns and human health risks. Therefore, it’s indisputable that various federal statutes have been violated, ignored and flouted.

That such a national technology roll-out could even take place without first passing through the many levels of mandatory testing and approval is as inconceivable as it is insane.

Given how pervasive and profound the inevitable health consequences and environmental impacts of 5G truly are, there’s obviously an enormous government-corporate conspiracy at work. Otherwise, this overwhelming juggernaut could never have made it this far with the 5G roll-out.

The 5G Back Story
What follows are just a few exposés posted by the website which flesh out the skeleton of the complex and convoluted conspiracy intent on doing great harm to the American people.

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