Court ordered to turn off Wi-Fi at a school in Florence

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29 jan. 2019

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28 jan. 2019

Firstly an Italian court ordered the government (Ministries of the Environment and Education) to launch a campaign to advise the public of the health risks from mobile and cordless phones.

And now the Court of Florence has ordered the immediate shutdown of Wi-Fi in a school to protect the health of a minor. The order was issued to the school manager of the Botticelli Comprehensive Institute.

As the lawyer Agata Tandoi, defender of the family of “Mario” (not the child’s real name to protect privacy) stresses, the emergency order is not a judgment but a preliminary act based on the existence of sufficient environmental barriers for the pupil.

The judge, in fact, ordered the dismantling of routers and hotspots well before the final verdict. The concern is that continued exposure can cause serious harm to the health of the child, being exposed to an electromagnetic soup at school. The protection of the health of a the child is a constitutional right.

In March a hearing was scheduled to discuss whether the shutdown of Wi-Fi will be temporary or final.

The prudential reasoning of Judge Zanda, unpublished but extraordinarily innovative as far as electrosmog is concerned, notes the fact that the school close to the Arno is currently irradiated by non-ionizing waves, electromagnetic fields emitted by Wi-Fi, and dangerous for human health. Taken into account is the scientific communities’ statements to exposure produced by wireless devices’.

This situation makes it all the more risky for “Mario” who suffers from a sensitivity to electromagnetic fields, a serious condition that doctors in health facilities – as documentation produced in court by their parents – have already proven.

But that is not all. Also significant is the passage in which it states: how in the schools “Internet service can be guaranteed by the institute also through systems that do not produce electrosmog, without the use of wireless Wi-Fi”.

– Clearly pointing to the vision of the Decree 11 January 2017 issued by the former Minister for the Environment Gian Luca Galletti who, in terms of indoor pollution for the offices of the public administration, ordered the replacement of Wi-Fi with the most secure wiring, ie the cable connection already provided in several Italian schools,

– (2013 motion of the Regional Council of Piedmont, 2015 motion of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, while the Municipality of Brescia then wired those in its municipality as well as, in a prudential manner Mayor of Borgo Franco d’Ivrea has made his classrooms electrosmog free).

No Italian law, nor Spanish, forces schools to equip themselves with wi – fi for the use of electronic records (even the accused! ) and for computer rooms one can always choose wired connections for which, however, public funding from the government and the European Union is scarce ( who in fact continues to divert billions for wi-fi and 5 G.) At What cost for the population?

For added notes by EMFSA see the link on top.

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