USA situatie: WOZ waardedaling door zendmasten

dinsdag, 19 september 2017 - Categorie: Juridische Informatie

19 sept. 2017

Examining invisible urban pollution and its effect on real estate value in New York City - by William Gati

Met daarin:
'' Understanding EMF values of business and residential locations is relatively new for the real estate industry. Cell phone towers bring extra tax revenue and better reception to a section of the city, but many are skeptical because of potential health risks and the impact on property values. Increasing numbers of people don’t want to live near cell towers. In some areas with new towers, property values have decreased by up to 20%.

Burying electrical power lines, redoing existing household wiring and installing radiant barriers in walls can mitigate EMF concerns. Simply being conversant with EMF issues matters, too. Many clients consider such knowledge by the real estate industry a measure of competence, and that builds confidence. ''

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