Nieuw Engelstalig boek over elektrogevoeligheid gepubliceerd.

vrijdag, 16 april 2010 - Categorie: Folders en publicaties

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NEW and IMPORTANT BOOK: Electro sensitivity and Electro hypersensitivity - A Summary by Michael Bevington.

Michael Bevington, Chair of Trustees of ES-UK, has written a 43 page book designed primarily for doctors, but also suitable for all of us to present to family, friends, colleagues and MPs, among others. It outlines ES, its symptoms and existing medical tests in 16 pages followed by some 800 references to scientific papers relating to this illness.

There are two purchasing options for you to consider:

1. 10 donation payable to ES-UK, which will buy a physical copy of the book and which will be mailed to you.

2. 5 donation, which will buy you a PDF file of the book

Either make payment via the ES-UK web site internet donation button at and send a confirming email with your preferred mailing address details, to

Or please mail a cheque payable to ES-UK for 10.00 with your own personal address details to:

London WC1N 3XX

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