Duitse brochures Kompetenzinitiative nu ook beschikbaar in Engelse vertaling

zaterdag, 04 april 2009 - Categorie: Folders en publicaties

De Kompetenzinitiative (een internationale groep van 60 academici) heeft twee van haar wetenschappelijke brochures in Engelse vertaling on line beschikbaar gesteld,

*How Susceptible Are Genes to Mobile Phone Radiation by Prof. Franz
Adlkofer, Prof. Igor Y. Belyaev, Vladislav M. Shiroff, and Dr. Karl

In their articles, the experts in biomedicine and biosciences Prof.
Franz Adlkofer, Prof. Igor Y. Belyaev, and Vladislav M. Shiroff show
the broad range of international research efforts that document DNA
and chromosome damages as well as chronic diseases resulting from
electromagnetic radiation exposures. This is about non-thermal effects
well below current exposure limits. UMTS radiation turns out to be
especially hazardous.

www.broschuerenreihe.net/international/how-susceptible-are-genes/index.html .

*Bees, Birds and Mankind by Dr. rer. nat. Ulrich Warnke*
''Today, unprecedented exposure levels and intensities of magnetic,
electric, and electromagnetic fields from numerous wireless
technologies interfere with the natural information system and
functioning of humans, animals, and plants. The consequences of this
development, which have already been predicted by critics for many
decades, cannot be ignored anymore. Bees and other insects vanish;
birds avoid certain places and become disorientated at others. Humans
suffer from functional impairments and diseases. And insofar as the
latter are hereditary, they will be passed on to next generations as
pre-existing defects''.

www.broschuerenreihe.net/international/bees-birds-and-mankind/index.html .

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