Conclusion of van Rongen was ill founded, Bioelectromagnetics 25:322-323, 2004

dinsdag, 03 augustus 2004 - Categorie: Berichten Nederland

''There is another aspect of this problem. We do not have enough information for evaluation of consequences of using cellular phones by children. In this regard the conclusions of Hardell and Hansson Mild (2003) on the increased risk of adults' brain tumor development, if they used cellular phones when they were children, are worth our attention.

Thus, in my opinion the conclusion of van Rongen (2004) on the absence of a necessity to restrict using of cellular phones by children was ill founded. A one-sided analysis of the problem was made, using only a physical approach and not taking into account world-wide experience of monitoring and investigations of physiologists, psychologists, morphologists, pediatricians, and other specialists and fields. I find the second argument more essential.''

''The Health Council of the Netherlands is one of the older 'independent' expert advisory groups in the world, being established in 1902. However, all that worldly experience has not stopped the council from a tendency to favor scientific viewpoints over health risks that are promoted by the very same interests that have produced those risks in the first place.''

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