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dinsdag, 24 februari 2009 - Categorie: Berichten Nederland

Stopumts ontving afschrift van onderstaande interessante brief:

In samenspraak met Rechtspraktijk BAWA c.s. te Haaksbergen verzond onze cliënt Dhr. Ir. .L. v Egeraat bijgaande de brief aan Dhr. J.M. Barroso te Brussel



To Commission President José Manuel Barroso Brussels

Subject: Standard for Eu-Lobbying transparancy.

Dear Mr.President,

As far as I’m informed, one of your concerns is the subject mentioned above: the lobbyism in Brussels.
From your contacts in the matter, you may be well informed about the lobbyism in the memberstates as well.

Together with the members of my network in the Netherlands and abroad, I try to protect the dutch people against the increasing health-dangers arising from the increasing amount of ICT-radiation (HF RF radiation- stopumts).
So far, we strive more or less in vain, because of the strong lobbyism of the providers.

From my contacts on the matter, I’m fairly well informed about the situation in other countries, inside as well as outside of Europe. Notwithstanding the struggle of a great number of networkgroups all over, the providers succeed to maintain hold of their stong position. Only just here and there some minor flaws are to be registered in their position.

Their influence doesn’t even stop before the doors of the World Health Organisation, as you may know. On the contrary: because of their hold on that organisation, most local, countrywide-health-organisations, hesitate to take local measures, in spite of an increasing number of scientific reports of really independant scientists to prove that healtheffects are serious indeed.
If you wish, I could provide you with a number of them.

But these independent proves do not convince the local politicians, because of the much greater number of so called scientific proves of dependant researchers, financially supported by the providers. (Of which proves exist as well !)

Together with the economic interests, this makes the local politicians hesitating to take appropriate measures.
And the longer it takes to stop the lobbyism, the worse the situation will develop, because of the ever increasing economic impact, the world over.

I presume, most of what I state hereabove, is well known by your advisory-committees, which, themselves, may be part of the lobbystructure.
Whatever that situation may be, I endeavour to urge you for the introduction of the strongest possibele measures , in the interest of the european peoples’ health, to create the maximum of transparancy in the role of “advisors”, “expertgroups” (or whatever they may call themselves), when health is involved, radiation in any form in particular.*

For your information I may add, that Mr Wesselius informed me about his correspondence with your office** on behalf of the Alter Eu Steering Committee.
From my own network I’m as well informed about the “Proposed Solution of the Eur. Parliament on electromagnetic fields” (2008, 2211 INI).

It is exactly therefore that we urge you for the strongest possible measures, in the interest of the European population as a whole.

We look forward to hear from you to be informed about the steps to be taken by local gouvernments, according to your measures and remain

Yours sincerely



* The same applies for the farmaceutical industry as you may very well know from the recent very negative publicity

around that branch of industry.

** See your letters of the 8th of aug. and 19 th of Sept. 2008

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