Hoe de mobiele telefoonindustrie de wetenschap manipuleert

woensdag, 13 augustus 2008 - Categorie: Berichten Nederland

Hier vindt u een artikel over hoe de mobiele telefoonindustrie de wetenschap manipuleert:


De geschiedenis wordt opnieuw verteld door Melinda Wenner in The Walrus Magazine.


“Biological effects are undoubtedly there, no question, and it’s a canard to suggest that they’re not,” says Abe Liboff, a research professor at Florida Atlantic University, and co-editor of the journal Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine. The cellphone industry, he insists, “will use any excuse to avoid the truth.”

Nonetheless, Lai’s research suggested they could, and his paper worried Motorola. Phillips recalls that the company asked him to “find ways to put a spin on it that was favourable to them and less favourable to Henry and N. P.”

Indeed, of thirteen epidemiological studies published since 1999 on cellphone use for more than ten years, eight suggest a two- to threefold risk increase.

Of the approximately 400 laboratory studies that have investigated whether exposure to radio frequency radiation affects dna in cells and/or animals, only about half report any effects.

According to University of Massachusetts Amherst toxicologist Edward Calabrese, animals and cells respond differently and inconsistently to low-level toxic exposures, so varied findings are not surprising.

Eigenlijk is alle informatie in dit artikel bekend, niets nieuws. Het is jammer dat na de vraag naar het werkingsmechanisme, de andere gevolgen voor de gezondheid dan alleen de toename van het risico op de ontwikkeling of het bevorderen van kanker niet worden genoemd.

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