Statistieken over invloed sponsoring telecomindustrie op wetenschappelijk onderzoek

donderdag, 17 juli 2008 - Categorie: Berichten Nederland

Industry-Funded versus Independently-Funded Cellphone Research: A Scatter Plot Comparison of Outcomes


The facts are in. Cellphone exposure is clearly causing health issues, most especially, the danger from brain tumors. As illustration, the latest epidemiological study by a Swedish team found not only a 290% increase in the risk of developing a high-grade astrocytoma (the nastiest type brain cancer) from cellphone use (as opposed to non-users), but also found this risk after only 10 or more years of exposure (30 years is the typical length of exposure for tobacco users developing lung cancer).

So the question must be asked: Why do these facts continue to be hidden from voice and view? And why do we continue to be lulled into complacency with report after report assuring us of the unequivocal safety of cellphone use?

The answer is easy: the cellphone industry provides the bulk of the funding for cellphone research, and the information distributed to the media concerning cellphone health and safety. Added to this cellphone industry domination is an inherent conflict-of-interest— because the very cellphone industry that funds the research has an all too real economic stake in the research outcomes. It should therefore come as no surprise that the domination of cellphone industry generated research would have not only a profound impact on the research, but also an impact on the public's knowledge concerning cellphone health and safety.

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