Plasma-TV's: zeer sterke HF zenders

zaterdag, 08 december 2007 - Categorie: Berichten Nederland

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Hello Electrical Pollution and other's --

If ''Dirty Electricity'' matters to you....

I ask that you distribute a warning about Plasma TV's and the tremendous
RF/EMI/EFI they generate.

They produce so much Electrical Pollution it blows my mind -- literally
and physically.

They are HORRENDOUS. Worse than any device I've seen so far. Imagine
sitting down in front of your housemate's new $3,500 TV to discover it
makes you even sicker than your previous regular old fashioned one? (Not
that the other was tolerable for me.)

On the OLD Graham / David Stetzer Meter, my levels go from about 25-30
to over 360 with just this new TV turned on! (The attachment that you
use to plug into an RMS meter)

On the newer white meter (Stetzerizer meter), the meter gets to about
1700 and then just displays the number 1...and no other digits! IT
absolutely tops the meter...(from an already high baseline of 150-170.)

An AM Radio will howl and scream at enormous distances. The article says
you can detect the RFI from just ONE of these TV's over a 1/4 mile

These things are VILE.

Need some proof?

Panasonic should be ashamed.

They contain NO shielding according to commenters on that article who
fix them.


Let your people know,

Mark G.

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