Moratorium on GSM phone masts in Brussels?, Le Soir

maandag, 15 oktober 2007 - Categorie: Berichten Nederland


The vice-president of the Parliament of Brussels and major of Auderghem
(Note: one of the 19 municipalities in Brussels), Didier Gosuin asks for
a moratorium on phone masts in the region of Brussels, while awaiting
for the ordinance imposing a more severe environmental standard to come
into effect, in March 2009.

During a press conference at the Parliament of Brussels the deputy of
Brussels and major of Auderghem, Didier Gosuin (MR), claimed for a
moratorium on phone masts in the Region of Brussels.

The Parliament did adopt in February 2007 an environmental standard of 3
V/m to improve protection of Brussels inhabitants against ionizing
radiations. Before the ordinance comes into effect in March 2009, Mr.
Gosuin asks for a moratorium on the town planning licenses for the
establishment of emission devices of non-ionizing radiations for the
sites where the standard of 3 V/m is reached or exceeded.

A proposal for such a motion was deposited at the Parliament.

''The fact that the ordinance has not yet come into effect is not a
reason for not acting. As a matter of fact a Member State cannot be
unaware of an already voted and not yet effective European directive '',
Didier Gosuin underlined.

The major of Auderghem also wrote a motion that was transmitted to the
19 Brussels municipalities in order to claim for a regional moratorium.
With this motion, the municipalities would commit to systematically give
unfavourable reports to the granting of town planning licence for
devices of non- ionizing radiation emissions for which the standard of 3
V/m would be exceeded, and if necessary bring actions.

The municipality of Auderghem shows the example since it brought an
action to the College of Town planning against a licence delivered on 17
August by the Region on a site where a measurement of the IBPT (Note:
the Belgian official telecom control organism) reported in 2002 a field
value of 3,2 V/m.

At the request of the municipality of Auderghem which establishes a land
register of phone masts, the IBPT has since 2002 taken twelve
measurements out of ten sites in the municipality. Although the federal
standard of 20,6 V/m is respected for each measurement carried out, yet
five out of twelve measurements (i.e. 41,6 %) exceed the future regional
standard. According to IBPT'S, which has so far carried out measurements
on 300 sites in the country, only 8 % of measurements exceed the
standard of 3 V/m, the major of Auderghem indicated with some surprise.

Rudy Demotte, then federal Minister for Public health, and the various
mobile phone operators, considered that the Region of Brussels
encroached on federal competences relating to the protection of health
and brought an action near the constitutional Court in July and August
this year. According to the deputy, the ordinance was adopted by the
Parliament of Brussels on the basis of environmental protection (Note: a
regional competence).

Mr. Gosuin recognizes that there is no worldwide consensus concerning
the standards to be adopted but adds that numerous countries set
standards which are much stricter than those adopted in Belgium. For
instance Switzerland (4 V/m), Russia (3 V/m) or Austria (0,6 V/m).

For the regional deputy MR, non-ionizing radiations are the asbestos of
the 21st century. (according to Belga)

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