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Published: 11 Oct 2007

FOUR pupils from a school surrounded by 15 mobile phone masts have been struck down by brain cancer.

Two current primary kids under 11 and two former students, aged 14 and 21, have been diagnosed with tumours.

And a child from another school nearby has DIED from brain cancer. All are thought to be male.

St Joseph’s Roman Catholic primary in Chalfont St Peter, Bucks, is ringed by the mobile masts.

One stands just 750 metres from school grounds.

Parents fear it could be Britain’s first example of a link between multiple cancer victims — a cluster — and mobile masts.

The local Director of Public Health is now investigating.

The boy who died, thought to be under 16, attended Thorpe House Independent School in Gerrards Cross.

It shares a playing field with the Catholic school.

Business manager Michael Pidding, 21 — a St Joseph’s old boy — has a grade two tumour.

His mum Angie Richards, of Chalfont St Peter, said: “It is terminal. Miracles can happen and I’m praying for one.

“You hear so much about tumours being linked to masts, I want the truth. Other children might also have tumours.”

Vodafone, responsible for two masts south of St Joseph’s, quoted new findings saying it was “highly unlikely” the weak signals given off could affect health.

However expert Leeds University Prof Patricia McKinney said: “It’s an unusual cluster.

“Tumours are very rare in children. But it must be remembered the dose from a mast is lower than what you get from a handset.”

The Government is believed to have earned £22billion from selling mast licences.

Earlier this week a global study showed using a mobile for more than ten years increases the risk of a brain tumour.

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