USA: Google Project Loon Set to Start WiFrying the USA on January 1st, 2016

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Bron: EMF refugee
dec. 2015

Dear EMF Refugees:

Some of you may have already heard of Google’s plan to launch “Project Loon” in the U.S. beginning January 1st. Some of you will be learning of this for the first time. The project is slated to cover 96.1% of the U.S. with balloons in orbit that will provide WiFi to subscribers, but will also cause WiFi to be coming from above… more challenging to avoid. This is troubling, no doubt.

Attached is the heavily-redacted, public version of Google’s application to the FCC for their license to launch this project. Given the current leadership at the FCC, we do not anticipate roadblocks with Google’s request. Google has piloted this project in locations such as New Zealand and Sri Lanka. They are seeking new subscribers for their Internet service, and several of us believe they may start in the US in more underserved areas… more rural areas away from the more advanced networks. This is a two-year “test” — to be rolled out in phases.

We have asked the EMF experts with the International Institute for Building Biology and Ecology for their expertise in helping us plan appropriate shielding. They are creating a sound plan that will give us the best advice, and will consider that many of us are living on limited incomes and may be transient. We expect this plan to become available very soon!

Here are the technical interpretations we have so far:

From Oram Miller, Certified Building Biology® Environmental Consultant and Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist (Los Angeles, CA):

“What I glean from my reading of the Google application to the FCC, which is attached to this email, as well as your excellent description of the technology, copied below, is the following:

1. Transmitters will be on balloons in orbit 62,000 feet (19 kilometers) or roughly 12 miles above the surface of the earth.

2. There will be multiple transmitters, possibly as small as 2 mm in size, beaming targeted RF to a subscriber in a circle roughly 328 feet across (100 meters).

3. The transmissions will be at 71 and 81 GHz.

4. The signal strength could have a maximum EIRP of 55 dBW, or 300,000 watts, or 0.02 microwatts per square centimeter.

5. That puts the power density into terms we can understand, because that is equivalent to 200 microWatts per square meter (µW/m2) at ground level.

A power flux density of 200 µW/m2 is a pittance compared to the thousands or hundreds of thousands of µW/m2 that non-EHS people are exposed to every day at close range from their wireless devices, but it is too high for an EHS person.”

Alasdair from EMFields shared this interpretation: “I now see that they are using LTE (4G) and not WiFi for their modulation schemes. This (200 uW/m^2) value is equivalent to about 0.3 V/m. After coming up with higher values, my last estimate was about 0.13 V/m. So maybe we say a max value about 0.2 V/m. That is very concerning. It will drop off quickly with cloudy weather and in rain.”


In regards to advocating against this project:

Some of you may already be familiar with the GUARDS (Global Union Against Radiation Deployment from Space), a non-profit group led by Arthur Firstenberg from Sante Fe, New Mexico. This group has been working diligently on advocacy against this project. Attached is an objection they just filed to the FCC.

We have asked a number of the EMF scientists and professionals for their best thinking on the most efficient means of advocacy on this issue. This has proven to be challenging to get their ideas during this holiday season. We will keep you posted as ideas are provided. For now, suggestions include writing to the following:

Google (2 addressed provided in the redacted application)
FCC (as the GUARDS have done)
Members of the House of Representatives who are on the committee addressing the FCC Process Reform Act of 2015 (H.R. 2583)
President or Mrs. Obama

It seems important to write hand-written, or at least hand-addressed letters that include not only scientific information, but also personal stories of how we will be affected.

I (Mary Anne) admit this news has been hard on my mental health. I know that the stress has made my EHS symptoms worse, which will only make coping with the forthcoming wifi more challenging. In my calmer moments, I know I am not alone. We are in this together! So here are some of my ideas for our exchanges over the next few weeks and months ahead:

Accept that some will be angry, anxious, grieving, and also:
Try to stay Solution-Focused: Figure out what we can control.
Say the Serenity Prayer often!
Be Open Minded! Lots of folks on here have found some level of healing through various means. Some of us have tried to share new ideas, and been met with harsh words and even cursing. Let’s try to learn from others what has helped them.
As the info about shielding becomes available, let’s consider ways that we can share shielded housing, even temporarily.

For those of us in the U.S.: Let’s continue to share the news of Project Loon as it unfolds.

Grateful for your support on this journey,

Mary Anne in Fairview, NC, USA

Information from the media on Project Loon:

Information from Google:

Information on Millimeter Waves:

For the official protest by the Global Union Against Radiation Deployment from Space (GUARDS) against this plan, see:

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