The Danish Cancer Society was caught in a serious lie

maandag, 16 november 2015 - Categorie: Berichten Internationaal

Bron: Henrik Eiriksson
nov. 2015

We just caught Danish Cancer Society in a serious lie!

There's just been a big campaign to collect money for cancer research and for that campaign, a large Danish TV-news channel website ran an article about ''cancer myths'' where they quoted D.C.S for this statement (translated):
''It has long been speculated whether the radiation from mobile phones increases the risk of cancer, but there are currently no studies that show that this is the case.''.

Wow! We contacted the TV-channel and they immediately removed the false statement and apologized in the article that the part about cellphones had not been factual. So now the TV-news editors have to come to terms with the fact that D.C.S has mislead them! We then called D.C.S and asked them to publicly inform that their quote was false, because people that read the original article got wrong impression that cellphones are cancer-risk free. They completely refused to do so.
We then called Christoffer Johanssen, told him the quote and he responded by saying: ''D.C.S is just an NGO with a political agenda''. Yes, those were his real words. He's distancing himself from D.C.S!
I'll keep you informed on this matter...but please don't send this out on mailing list yet, until we get to ''grill'' D.C.S some more   

Link to TV-news ''cancer myths'' article:
(google-translate and see bottom of article for the editors note. Note that the top graphic still shows a cellphone but all mention of cellphones is removed from the article text).

The Editor note with google translation: ''Because there are divergent studies about whether mobile phone radiation can cause cancer, the editors have removed this point, after the article was published.''

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