Israël: Another good day in Israel's Parliament on the issue of Wi-Fi.

woensdag, 29 juli 2015 - Categorie: Berichten Internationaal

Bron: Dafna Tachover
29 juli 2015

ANOTHER GOOD DAY IN ISRAEL's Parliament on the issue of Wi-Fi. Today a meeting was held in the Parliament's Committee on Children's Rights and the topic was - Radiation. The Committee is headed by Dr. Yifat Sasa Biton who did a fantastic job, and defined the meeting's issue as - how can we continue the use of technology in schools without harming the children with radiation. Many people spoke and the other MP, Prof Yossi Yona was rather blunt in his support for the removal of Wi-Fi, scolded the Ministry of Education for their actions and approach. The message that was conveyed in the end of the meeting was that the Committee expects the Ministry of Education to remove Wi-Fi from schools and install wired networks instead. We shall wait for the actual minutes of the meeting and the Committee's PR announcement and hope to work towards translating this conclusion of the meeting into actions. Finally, a big light in our long fight for the safety & right of children to health and to be in a radiation free environment in school. .Finally the voice of reason got to prevail.

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