Polen: mast op wielen

dinsdag, 21 juli 2015 - Categorie: Berichten Internationaal

Bron: mail Barbara Gałdzińska-Calik
21 juli 2015

Dear All,

It is unbelievable how Orange with T-Mobile are breaking the law and putting the mast on wheels in my neighbourhood (Krakow) - today another article on the subject. We won another verdict in this case but still invalid and mast is working without permission and no one knows how to remove it because it stands on private land and on wheels! :-(

Please see pictures (text in Polish): www.gazetakrakowska.pl/artykul/4305063,na-bielanach-mieszkancy-walcza-z-masztem-na-wozie-drzymaly-zdjecia,id,t.html

Good news, our local authorities voted on July to cerate map of EMFs for my city - Krakow :-)

Best Regards from Poland.

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