Israel: Cancer is increasing, oncologists are needed

dinsdag, 07 juli 2015 - Categorie: Berichten Internationaal

19 juni 2015

Only 250 oncologists treat patients in Israel. About 200
oncologists are missing to treat the increasing number of
cancer patients.

In Rambam, in 2004 were 9,490 cancer patients, and in 2014 the
number was 13,667. Increase of 44%, says Prof' Rafi Biar,
manager of Rambam hospital. Within one decade, the number of
visits in the oncology departments in the hospital increased
from 105,000 to 163,000 visits. The result is unsupportable
overload on the system. There are not enough beds.

This problem is not only in Rambam, it is felt in other
hospitals too. In Shiba hospital, in Tel Hashomer, each year
there are 4,500 new cancer patients. In part of the units,
like those treating GI tract cancer and melanoma, the number
was doubled in the last 4 years with the same number of

In Hadassa hospital, increase of cancer is reported too.

In Ichilov hospital, every month thousands of patients are
treated, and every night 30 patients are hospitalized.

Een bijdrage van de RF straling tot die toename is niet onwaarschijnlijk.

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