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Baden-Baden, March 2015

“Sleep is to a person what winding up is to a clock.” Contributions like this one from Arthur
Schopenhauer or any of the other surly looking philosophers are now being highlighted
by contemporary studies and their healthy recommendations for a minimum amount of
nightly rest. For this reason, all good hotels are attempting at best to create an
undisturbed environment for their guests.

The Villa Stéphanie, the newly opened luxury spa at Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa in
Baden-Baden, has gone one step further and offers with its rooms and suites the
innovative possibility of ‘switching off’ from a technical viewpoint, too.

Firstly, it’s possible to turn the room’s personal internet connection on or off at any time.
Sufficient screening from the neighbouring rooms is also guaranteed as all walls are
equipped with metal shields and a special coating that blocks all high-frequency signals.
Special shielded cables have also been used throughout the entire building significantly
reducing electro-magnetic fields (so-called ‘electrosmog’). Besides this, an additional
switch located in the bedside table allows the entire room to be disconnected from the
electricity supply. During the daytime, therefore, guests do not have to forgo any
comforts while in the evening they can retire for the night with total peace of mind.

‘Digital Detox’ is the name of this cleansing process which is growing in public
awareness by the day. The major difference to other hotels is that guests at the Villa
Stéphanie can decide at the flick of a switch whether they want the service or not.

The greater the spread of wireless internet, the greater the wish to occasionally break
away from being permanently available. “In a world where people are connected practically around
the clock, there is a need for places of retreat where it is possible to relax and focus on yourself. It is for these reasons that the Villa Stéphanie has been created,” stated Frank Marrenbach, Managing Director of Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa.

For Brenners, the flagship property of the Oetker Collection, the concept is enjoying
success on other levels too: the Villa Stéphanie has just been awarded one of the
prestigious Tatler Awards for its revolutionary Digital Detox offer – an important signal
at exactly the right time in this age of digitisation.

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Duits hotel laat gasten wifi-vrij vakantie vieren
25 juni 2015

Kan jij het tijdens je vakantie niet laten om constant je berichten te checken via de wifi van je hotelkamer? Een luxe hotel in Duitsland heeft daar iets op gevonden.

Het spa resort Villa Stephanie in Baden-Baden heeft namelijk een internet ‘kill switch’ geïnstalleerd in zijn hotelkamers. Hierdoor kunnen vakantiegangers geheel tot rust komen, zonder constant internet te checken. Als gasten de knop indrukken wordt elk signaal verbroken. Het hotel heeft daarnaast een speciale coating op de muren aangebracht, zodat er ook geen verbinding kan worden gemaakt met omliggende wifi-signalen.

Volgens hoteleigenaar Frank Marrenbach heeft ongeveer de helft van alle hotelgasten de knop op een of meerdere momenten geactiveerd. Marrenbach denkt dat we dit soort features steeds vaker zullen gaan zien in de toekomst.

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26 juni 2015

Ultieme ontspanning hotel: met één druk op knop offline

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