USA: Tobacco Strikes Back

donderdag, 18 juni 2015 - Categorie: Berichten Internationaal

mei/juni 2015

Big Tobacco—a $45 billion industry in the United States—is in the political fight of its life. It faces a hostile American president. Justice Department investigations into perjury charges against top executives. Hundreds of liability suits—including several in which the Liggett Group, the country's fifth-largest tobacco company, broke industry ranks and settled. Whistleblowers on national TV declaring that tobacco companies manipulate nicotine levels to addict smokers. And now the Food and Drug Administration proposing to regulate cigarettes as a drug. Worse, by declaring nicotine addictive, the FDA undermines Big Tobacco's key legal defense: smokers know the dangers and have no one to blame but themselves.


Vanwege de analogie van onze strijd tegen de ''grote industrie'' met al haar belangen, hier een link naar een uitstekend artikel over de tabaksindustrie.
Alleen staat bij ons de overheid volledig aan de andere zijde.

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