Beau Biden's brain cancer death: Part of an epidemic fostered by mobile phones?

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31 mei 2015

This weekend news of the death of Beau Biden, the son of current U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden, has brought attention to the increasing incidence of brain cancers among the population. Beau Biden was a rising star in Delaware politics, expected to run a successful campaign in 2016 for Governor of the state. However, he was diagnosed in 2013 with a brain tumor and went through treatments that included surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. The cancer appeared to have gone away following the treatments in 2013, however it was found to recur this year in 2015 and Biden returned for aggressive treatments. Many cancer researchers have pointed out that radiation and chemotherapy are associated with a high risk for future malignancies and more aggressive forms of cancer. Biden received these conventional cancer treatments, and the return of the cancer in an aggressive form is not surprising.

Alternative cancer therapy advocates contend that there are other forms of treatment that can often bring success in stopping brain cancer development without planting the seeds of future malignancies. These include the use of vibrational medicine devices such as the Photon Genie, a very specific dietary treatment known as the Cellect-Budwig protocol, CBD hemp oil/cannabis oil, and a combination of the sulfur compound MSM and colloidal silver. The antineoplaston therapy of Dr. Burzynski is another alternative approach applied to brain tumors.

Regardless of the treatment approach used when the cancer appears, there is the important question of what factors may be causing the increasing prevalence of brain tumors, including among children. Many researchers have focused on the role of cellular and wireless phones, which emit strong high frequency fields that may stress or damage nearby biological cells. These phones are held next to the ear, in the vicinity where tumors commonly appear. There are many studies which seem to confirm there is a strong link between cell phone use and risk of brain cancer. When independent studies are examined rather than wireless communication industry sponsored research, the evidence appears even stronger. With the most common form of brain cancer, regular use of these phones was associated with triple the rate of this cancer.

For those concerned about preventing brain cancer it has been suggested to limit cell phone use and avoid holding the phone close to the head. Keeping your phone away from your body, especially sensitive areas such as the head, neck, breast, and genitals, would be wise. With our society addicted to the convenience of mobile phones and wireless communication there has been a lack of willingness by government, industry, and even the general public to face the reality of the health hazards related to these devices. Perhaps it is time for us to pay more attention to the health implications of modern technologies.

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