Samsung koelkast zend constant RF straling uit

maandag, 16 maart 2015 - Categorie: Berichten Internationaal

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7 maart 2015

Samsung Smart Refrigerator Emitting RF Radiation Constantly

I discovered my new Samsung RS22HDHPNSR was radiating my family and me constantly. Despite the fact that we are NOT on a smart grid, no smart meters nearby, nor do we have a WiFi router and have not configured the refrigerator to connect to anything, it is still radiating.

Right out of the box many appliances radiate RF energy. You need a good RF meter like the HF35C or the Acoustimeter from to check for this. More and more devices are using this and ZigBee technology - because someone thinks everything should be connectable - as if that is safe, healthy, secure, and private.

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