USA: Miami: Cell Phones Cause Cancer, Official Ruling

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15 febr. 2015

Commissioners in Miami have passed a resolution that warns residents about the cancer risks of cell phone radiation.

This comes after resident Jimmy Gonzalez got cancer in his left ear in August 2011 which he believes was caused from using a cell phone.

Commissioners looked into his case and took it seriously enough to issue a resolution telling residents that they should use their cell phone at least one-inch away from their bodies, and to use a headset or speakerphone.

Gonzalez had a cancerous tumor above his left ear removed in August 2011, a year after he’d had another tumor removed from his left hand.

“One day, it came to me,” Gonzalez told the Sun-Sentinel, “maybe there’s something in common with my hand and head.”
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Gonzalez, an attorney who used to use his cellphone for several hours a day, is now cancer-free.

“Do I have 100 percent scientific study that can say well this is what caused it?” Gonzalez told NBC 6 South Florida Tuesday. “No but I can’t think of anything that would explain this otherwise.”

Some studies from the World Health Organization, Government Accountability Office and National Cancer Institute say cellphones could be linked to cancer but scientists say more research is necessary.

Pembroke Pines Mayor Frank Ortiz feels it’s his obligation to inform residents of even the slightest health risk.

“Cities do that, they make people aware of other cities or people that have something wrong with them or something else like that and I think that’s our job to make people aware of these things,” Ortiz said.

Commissioners plan to send the Pembroke Pines resolution to agencies across the state to encourage other cities to pass similar resolutions.

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