India: Cell phone may cause hearing loss: Study

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7 febr. 2015

Expert prescribes remedy for dealing with ill-effects of gadget

Guntur: Excessive use of cell phones can trigger a host of health problems among users. According to a study, indiscriminate use of cell phone by indulging in non-stop talk for 20 minutes every day will cause hearing loss over a period of time. Other health hazards over long-term use of cell phone are feverishness, sleeplessness, sleep disruption, migraine, palpitations of the heart, dizziness, irreversible infertility, DNA damage, immune system degradation and arising of cardiovascular problems due to exposure to electro-magnetic radiation.

These are the findings of a study undertaken by Prof.Girish Kumar, professor in electrical engineering, IIT, Mumbai whose extensive research works had been circulated at a seminar in Acharya Nagarjuna University, recently. Similarly exposure to micro-wave radiation caused by cell towers mounted on roof-tops of apartments can lead to multiple health problems leading to cancer. There are conflicting and contradictory views brushing aside the health threat perception.

A section of people defend the installation of cell towers in residential areas. These people are those who have vested business interests and are stake holders in the cell phones manufacturing and marketing industry.However, the main concern is that of those indulging in cell-phone talking spree for long hours. It amounted to indulging in tiger-riding and that it is a matter of time when the rider will end up as a food for the tiger, unless remedial measures are taken up with all seriousness and in right earnest, warns Girish Kumar.

There are 25,000 brain tumour cases in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states and most of them are attributed to excessive use of cell phones, as per a recent medical survey. Girish Kumar said that World Health Organization warned of increasing risk of cancer and brain tumour cases caused by the use of cell phones and location of cell towers in residential areas.

Suggesting remedial measures, Girish Kumar said that since cell phone use cannot be abandoned its use should be limited to brief talk time, SMS should be used unless talking on cell phone is a must, speakers can be used but keeping cell phone in pockets for hours in a day is also not advisable as it effects the heart, abdomen and other vital organs of the body. Landline phones should be used when in office or in the house and cell phone should be sparingly used.Children should not be permitted to excessively use the electronic gadget.

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