Tinnitus: Are 45 Million Americans Already Suffering the Effects of Wireless Radiation ?

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10 jan. 2015

In the last edition of WEEP News I included this CBS story about tinnitus - More than 50 million Americans suffer from tinnitus
www.cbsnews.com/news/new-guidelines-for-treating-tinnitus-or-ringing-in-the-ears/ .

A WEEP reader who suffers badly from tinnitus and EMF sensitivity, sent me this comment - ''Martin, this article is a sad joke and not helpful at all''.

The WEEP reader had missed the point of the article and it is very important that others realize the significance of this CBS news report.

While there may be a few million people who naturally suffer from tinnitus (5 million may be a generous guess). There are very strong reasons to believe that the vast majority of those mentioned in the story (45 million plus) are actually suffering because they are hearing wireless radiation from a variety of different sources.

The ringing noise in the ears seems to be a hearing effect, but it could also involve a neurological or a central nervous system problem that is being caused by wireless radiation. The important thing is that we can now point to a large percentage of the population, to show that wireless radiation is affecting their health.

When you add the 45 million tinnitus sufferers on to the millions who are suffering auto immune diseases, various cancers, headaches, depression etc, the signs are becoming much clearer. Those signs indicate that wireless radiation is causing serious health effects to large numbers of the population.

It is a sad development, but it is what reputable scientists and EMF safety activists have been forecasting for years!

Martin Weatherall

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