Give your children a lovely Microwave Radiation Christmas: Will Santa bring them Brain Cancer??

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Will Santa bring you a musical pillow? Or a teddy that talks to your children in YOUR voice! It's the year's wackiest gifts
From wifi teddies and the world’s smallest walkie talkies, to robotic vacuum cleaners and musical pillows, these wonderfully wacky gifts will delight even your most spoiled friends this Christmas...

Perfect to communicate with your children while you’re away, this high-tech teddy lets its owners send and receive voice messages.
You can also download an accompanying app onto your phone which allows you to record messages for the bear’s owner from afar.
Owners are alerted to new messages by the teddy’s flashing heart. You press his left paw to hear the message and his right one to record a message straight back.
The toy uses Bluetooth technology to connect to your smart phone or tablet — which allows the two devices to communicate wirelessly
— and runs on just three AA batteries.

The Sound Asleep iMusic pillow has in-built speakers so you can listen to music while you drift off to sleep
This pillow is not only a place to lay your sleepy head, but with in-built speakers you can listen to music as you drift off
— without getting yourself tangled up in headphones.
It can connect to phones, iPods, tablets, CD players and most radios, and once your selected songs have come to an end, the speakers switch off automatically.
Customers have said the device has helped them with everything from tinnitus to insomnia.
You can also use it to listen to audio books or language courses, and it’s perfect for long plane journeys.

And more Microwave Radiation aimed Solely at Children, and for Christmas:

Leapfrog Leap Tv

Vtech kidizoom smartwatch¨

My friend Cayla doll

Vtech inno tab max

the World's smallest walkie talkies
They’ve been popular presents for years, but now walkie talkies are more miniature than ever.
Give a friend a blast of nostalgia as they hark back to their childhoods with these remarkably tiny but fully-functional two-way radios.
The airwaves can penetrate walls, floors, steel and concrete so you can speak to each other up to 30 metres apart.
They also feature a Morse code function which allows you to communicate your messages in beeps rather than words, and flexible antennas, which allow you to easily shove them in your pocket.

De referenties naar al dit 'leuke' draadloze speelgoed hebben we maar weggelaten, ze zijn wel via bovenstaande link te vinden. Gezien de titel vonden we het passend dit verhaal te plaatsen.

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