Israël: Authoritative website on dangers to health of radiation to be established Tuesday

vrijdag, 19 september 2014 - Categorie: Berichten Internationaal

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14sept. 2014

For the first time a national website providing information to the public on non-ionizing radiation – such as that caused by cell phone antennas and other electronic equipment – and its effect on health is being set up by the Science, Technology and Space Ministry together with the Environmental Protection Ministry.

The ministries announced Sunday that the website, at, will be accessible from Tuesday. It will bring together all reliable and available research in the field and initiate new studies in the field.

The website will showcase the findings of the Tnuda center – meaning “oscillation” in Hebrew – that was set up by Prof. Sigal Sadetzky of the Gertner Institute at Sheba Medical Center a year ago as the result of a cabinet decision. Prof. Sadetzky is an international expert on such radiation and its effects on health.

The center was established in coordination with the Holon Institute of Technology with the aim of educating decision makers and the public in the use of such radiation and recommending ways to reduce its dangers.

The website will provide information on policy and legislation, populations at risk, protective measures, types of radiation and kinds of devices that emit non-ionizing radiation. It will also propose activities for children and youth regarding the radiation and answer frequently- asked questions.

“In setting up the website, we had to cope with the complicated challenge of transmitting huge amounts of accumulated data in a simple and clear manner,” said Sadetzky.

“As the matter touches all of our lives, the new website will become a major resource and the most reliable source of information on the subject in Israel. Various groups in the world have already expressed interest, and it will be translated from the Hebrew soon.”

In the next stage, a unit for basic epidemiological research and risk assessment will be established by the center.

It will assess the health dangers of non-ionizing radiation from cellphones, tablets and laptops, and environmental exposure to radiation emitted from transformers, high-tension electricity lines, transponders and communications networks. The research will be suited to the usage patterns of the Israeli population and at-risk populations such as children.

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