Israël: Zendmast nabij school verwijderd

zaterdag, 31 mei 2014 - Categorie: Berichten Internationaal

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29 mei 2014

The cellphone mast 25 meter from ''Negba'' Elementary School in Rishon Lezion were dismantled today!

Good news from ISRAEL.
More than a year after they were erected, after a long battle of the parents and residences of the neighborhood, 3 months after it became known that 70 kids from this school suffer from EHS and RF radiation exposure caused symptoms, after several demonstrations, public activism, going with the story to the media, after their story got to the ministry of environment protection and the parliament, the cellphone masts were finally removed from the shopping center next to the school!!!

Please see pictures from today bellow, as taken by some of the parents!
Voor die plaatjes zie bovenstaande link.

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