Spanje: First Town Free of Electromagnetic Radiation Unanmously Approven in Spain

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Iets wat we indertijd gemist hebben, de moeite waard om toch nog op StopUMTS te zetten, de huidige situatie, d.w.z. of dit volledig gerealiseerd is, is onbekend, zie ook:
Berichten%20Internationaal/8317/electrohypersensitivity_sanctuaries .

In Olvera, a beautiful town of Cadiz, the Councillor for the Environment, James Steward, confirmed that the full City Council unanimously approved to declare the town a Electromagnetic Pollution-Free Municipality. Importantly, with the unanimity of the United Left party, but voted for by the Spanish Socialist Party and the Popular Party, and harnessed it has motivated different political forces, is to ensure a safe and healthy environment the villagers. We can say openly and without fear of error, that there are no official records of municipalities, with the same kind of decision. Just know that in Cartagena and Murcia several villages in neighboring federations called for something similar, as have many provinces of Spain, but have just not progressed.

As an extension of the news, Environment Councilman James Waiter said, “As our town is small, we have the typical problem of the tomes of masts on the roofs, on the contrary, the urban landscape of the upper population is adorned by a concrete tower with antennas installed and lack of legality, which we intend to remove it immediately.”

And every day that this issue gets more heated and just last week the newspaper released a story in which a former flight attendant and a former technical director of a university, both of French origin, became refugees living in a cave in the Alps to protect themselves from the “unbearable pain” produced by electromagnetic waves.

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