Israël: Education Ministry is trying to show that it acts to reduce radiation in schools

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24 maart 2014

Knesset Panel: Education Ministry is trying to show that it acts to reduce radiation in schools

Last week, on the 19/03/2014 a Panel meeting was held on the Knesset (Israeli parliament) education committee regarding the exposure of students to EMF radiation in schools.

The Jerusalem post reported (please see link bellow) the meeting as an initiative of the ministry of education to reduce the exposure of students in schools. It also reports that parents complains that ''they believe'' their children are suffering from the exposure to EMF radiation as schools.

I took part in this panel, the ministry of education continues to misinform the public saying it prefers wired networks while it is pushing for WiFi in all of the schools. This has been going on for the past 3 years while, up to now, WiFi was installed in 75% of the schools(according to data presented by the ministry to the supreme court)!!!

We have worn that kids will become EHS from the EMF exposure in ''wireless schools'' in the past and communicated with the ministry of education so it will neglect it's WiFi deployment plans, but at the end we had to apply to the supreme court (still no decision). In the process the ministry of education canceled it's plans to deploy WiFi in pre-schools and kindergartens and limited the use in the second and third grade to 3 weekly hours. But from the forth grade there is no limitation. In addition the WiFi routers are not turned off while not in use and continues to transmit a beacon signal 10 time in every seconds. In addition to that cellphones use in class rooms is not band and is still very widely common.

We currently have about 100 students that are suffering from the radiation on a daily basis. We suspect that most of them have became EHS. All of this while the ministry of education continues the deployment and while the ministry of health is saying that the symptoms are not caused from the RF radiation.
We will continue the fight to show the public that ministry of education is sacrificing the health of our children for pedagogical flexibility!!!

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