Denemarken: SAS approves suggestion of flights without WIFI and mobiles

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14 febr. 2014

Dear all, what a surprise I got this morning when SAS, the airline, notified me that they had evaluated and approved my suggestion of flights without WIFI and mobile-phones.

The back story:
SAS runs a website called ''My SAS idea'' where customers can submit ideas, suggestions etc. The submissions are evaluated and possibly approved for inclusion on the website.
Last December I was going to fly over to the UK and out of frustration with all the news about installing WIFI in airplanes and allowing in-flight mobile-phone calls, I decided to send in a suggestion to do the opposite. My angle was to put emphasis on the possibility of pilots and cabin staff getting sick and launching future lawsuits. One thing you can always count on is for corporations to move to protect their profits.

I registered my suggestion and was convinced I'd never hear from SAS.

Time passed, nothing happened. But suddenly today I got an email from SAS informing me that they had evaluated and approved my suggestion. I was floored. Not that this alone is likely to bring on immediate change, but hell, its some kind of a beginning.

Now my plea to all you faithful readers is to support the idea on the SAS website here: .
(you will have to register with the site to vote/comment and I hope that's not too much hassle)

Very best wishes,
Henrik Eiriksson (admin)

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