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8 febr. 2014

Mobile communication - Letters to EU-Barroso

Een aantal brieven over EMV en Gezondheid, gezamenlijk opgesteld door NGO's uit verschillende Europese landen, gericht aan EU-President Barroso, met antwoord.

pdf/Bar1-13-09-13-letter%20to%20EU-Pres.%20Barroso.pdf .

We, the undersigned health, environmental, citizens and occupation/workers organisations are writing to express our concerns about a matter of urgency for the health of EU citizens and wildlife of the
unprecedented global exposures to artificial electromagnetic fields (EMF) (both RF: Radiofrequency and MF-ELF: Magnetic fields, Extremely Low Frequency), which the World Health Organisation (WHO) have classified as possible carcinogenics type 2B.

You will soon be taking key decisions on public health implications for significantly reducing exposure to these toxicants which low-intensity (non-thermal) bioeffects and adverse health effects are demonstrated at levels significantly below to existing EU exposure recommendations and guidelines (1), that will improve EU citizens health and the protection of EU wildlife, increase health and consumer information aspects, promote innovative technologies, reduce European health costs and ultimately ensure EU leadership in strengthen the competitiveness of Europe’s telecommunications industry.

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pdf/Bar2-13-09-23-Barroso%20EMF.pdf .

met dezelfde inleiding

pdf/Bar3-23-09-13%20Barroso%20EMF.pdf .

pdf/Bar4-Letter%20to%20Boundsman.pdf .

en voor de laatste brief:

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