European Ombudsman: a complaint about maladministration.

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6 febr. 2014

Fundación Vivo Sano: Call for protection from potential dangerous effects of electromagnetic fields

NGO Vivosano schrijft Europese ombudsman aan om slecht bestuur Europese Commissie aan te klagen

Vivosano representing health, environmental, citizens and occupation/workers organisations has written to the European Ombudsman to file a complaint about maladministration.

Their concerns focused on the unprecedented global exposures to artificial electromagnetic fields (EMF) classified as possible carcinogenic type 2B by the WHO. This is expressed as a matter of urgency for the health of EU citizens, wildlife and the environment.

As the EU Commission is responsible to actively protect people’s health and the environment, Vivosano kindly asked European Ombudswoman Emily O’Reilly to recognise the potential dangerous risks of electromagnetic fields for European citizens and to recognise the overwhelming evidence of these dangers.

The EU should take the necessary steps to reflect this and in particular call on the EU Commission to implement specific precautionary measures at three levels through a Council Recommendation.
You can read the full report here: .

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