Italie: School dismantle WiFi

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Dear All,
a school in Civitanova Marche in the center of Italy decides to dismantle the wi-fi and to use the cable Internet to protect the students.
This is a very important news for us. .

Kind regards,
Francesca Romana Orlando
Vice President of A.M.I.C.A.
Association for Chronic Toxic and Environmental Injury

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Civitanova - The St. Augustine has satisfied the demands of a committee of parents

''The St. Augustine off wifi and back to the wiring. This morning, the commissioner for Education Piergiorgio Balboni pulled off the signal to the modem wi-fi primary school and on the new cable system (foto). The symbolic gesture was the response to the parents' committee of the institute who had asked the City Council to remove the wireless wiring that could be potentially harmful to the health of children under the age of 12 years.

''The solution adopted by the'' St. Augustine ''- said Balboni - going to solve the problem of potentially damaging waves without having to stop teaching computer science, waiting to proceed with the work of the final wiring. It 's always a thrill for me to greet the kids at school and support them in their educational activities. '' In addition alderman Balboni, was attended by the director Claudio Bernacchia and parent representation. The project has received the financial contribution of the ''Naturino''.''

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