Frankrijk: An EHS man was sentenced for breaking into a school and turning off the power

woensdag, 22 januari 2014 - Categorie: Berichten Internationaal

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8 jan. 2014

An Electro-sensitive man who had entered into a school and cut the power to stop the electromagnetic waves which ached him, was sentenced Wednesday to Besançon to a fine of 1,000 euros suspended. In May , a man of fifty years had broken into the school Bulle ( Doubs), shortly before the start of classes. In a manic state, he had expelled the teacher of the school, then cut the power. Electromagnetic waves make his life unbearable and since the installation of new wireless handsets in the school, located below his apartment , his sleep disorders and brain pain worsened , said the accused at his trial before the Criminal Court of Besançon Wednesday. His lawyer, Jerome Pichoff pleaded '' state of necessity '' to ensure that his client did not intend to disturb the class, but only to ''put an end to his suffering.'' The mayor of the town had filed a complaint against the intrusion of the man in his fifties in the school. The court followed the submissions of the prosecutor. (Source AFP )

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