India: Aim to cut radiation with cell tower policy

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1 nov. 2013

Aim to cut radiation with cell tower policy: Activists

MUMBAI: Citizen groups and anti-radiation activists met chief secretary Jayant Kumar Banthia and submitted a ten-point petition late on Wednesday.

Discussing the shape of the upcoming state policy on mobile towers, the delegation said that health hazards due to cell antennae could be reduced only by lowering radiation levels.

''The state is coming up with a final policy on mobile towers, so citizen groups, doctors and other technical experts were invited by the chief secretary to give feedback and suggestions,'' activist Prakash Munshi said on Thursday.

Sources said the feedback may be used by the government while drafting the final cell tower policy.

10 Demands

1. BMC website should list all mobile tower sites covered by the HC stay on removal. Action should be taken against towers not covered by stay and flouting guidelines

2. Inform citizens about levels prior to DoT reduction of radiation norms by 90% in September 2012 and levels today

3. Maximum two antennae per tower on building rooftop

4. Tower height should be 10 metres above terrace level

5. Ban on towers on side walls

6. Antennae to be installed on towers on top of buildings and not on brackets

7. Written approval of 70 per cent of building residents for cell tower

8. Approval of all top floor occupants

9. Ban on mobile tower antennae within 100 metres of educational institutions

10. Only one tower per building

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