USA: Slimme meters, grootste zwendel in de geschiedenis?

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5 okt. 2013

Power Takeover: Are smart meters part of the largest corporate scam in history?

On January 17, 2008, President Barack Obama famously said, “Under my plan of a cap-and-trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.”1 It’s now clear that the so-called “smart” utility meter is the core culprit technology in the scheme to which Obama was referring. But this is just the tip of the rather alarming iceberg unveiled in our new feature film Take Back Your Power (

Billions of tax dollars… no benefits?
European Commission wants another $700 Billion for smart grid upgrades. (scene from Take Back Your Power)In a time of economic crisis, the US government allocated $11 billion from taxpayer funds2 from the 2009 bailout package to develop a “smart” grid, including “smart” meters for every home’s electricity, gas and water. And recently, the European Union has announced plans to spend a mind-numbing $700 billion on building out this centralized control grid.3 The stated reasons for “smart” metering and grid technology:

to save energy and thus aid the environment;
to increase power reliability; and
to give you more control of energy use in your own home.4

Toronto Hydro poll: 80% see increase in utility bills following smart meter install. (scene from Take Back Your Power)It is now easily demonstrated that all three of these claims are patently false. “Smart” meters and grids typically use more energy5, they are extremely hackable6 (making the entire power grid vulnerable7), and customers suffer increased utility bills virtually across the board immediately following a “smart” meter installation8 – a fact even openly acknowledged now by some utilities.9

In the words of Dr. Timothy Schoechle, a leading digital technology engineer and author of Getting Smarter About The Smart Grid:

“The smart meter is a canard—a story or a hoax based on specious and grandiose claims about energy benefits ostensibly derived from the promise of “two-way” communication with the customer… There is essentially no possibility that most smart meters or meter networks will lead to greater sustainability.”10
-Dr. Timothy Schoechle, “Getting Smarter About The Smart Grid“

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