India: Continuous monitoring of mobile tower emission

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3 sept. 2013

Government plans devices for 24x7monitoring of mobile tower emission

NEW DELHI: Government plans to install devices for round-the-clock monitoring of radiation levels emnating from telecom towers, sources said.

This would be another level of surveillance along with existing manual system of data collection.

''Area monitoring devices measures EMF radiation ... sends the measured radiation value to the display board for displaying the radiation level for people to see the readings.

''Trial runs for continuous online monitoring of radiation are on in Delhi and Mumbai,'' government sources said.

The country has adopted most stringent radiation norms, which is 90 per cent less than followed by the most countries, in order to ensure that health of people around mobile towers are not impacted.

''It will help in addressing public concern and build confidence among general public,'' a DoT source said.

Telecom companies have been facing issue in installing mobile towers due to resistance from general public amid apprehension that radiation from mobile tower will adversely impact their health.

Explaining the need of such device, Department of Telecom officials in an internal presentation pointed out insufficient human resource available with it to manually monitor each mobile tower in the country.

At present there are around 7.4 lakh mobile antenna system and 6 lakh mobile towers installed across country.

The device will periodically sent information to central server where the data can be checked and reports can be generated.

Radiation norms have provision to impose penalty of up to Rs 5 lakh in case any mobile antenna is found emitting radiation beyond permissible limits.

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