Engeland: Cell-Phones – Cancer Threat a “Ticking Time Bomb”

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23 aug. 2013

A Million British 5-Year-Olds Carry Cell-Phones – Cancer Threat a “Ticking Time Bomb”

By Meredith Hoster

Health groups in the UK have spoken of the ‘ticking time-bomb’ waiting to wreak havoc in years to come, after it was revealed that one in every ten kids in Britain receives a mobile phone by the age of five. As it stands, more than a million youngsters of five and under now carry mobile phones and Smartphones provided by their parents.
Most are apparently buying the devices for their kids to use for entertainment and emergency purposes only.
However, the Department of Health has warned once again of the potential dangers of using mobile phones for extended periods of time from a young age. In addition, the most senior medical figures in the UK insist that for anyone under the age of 16, a mobile phone should be used sparingly at best and for short periods of time only.
The consensus shared between critics is that strong evidence continues to suggest mobile phone radiation massively increases the risk of brain tumors – something that younger users are as especially high risk of.
Speaking with the Daily Mail newspaper in the UK, Powerwatch health group representative Graham Lamburn made his feelings on the subject very clear.

“The very idea of letting children have mobile phones at the age of five is very irresponsible,” he told reporters.
“We have the greatest body of evidence to demonstrate that mobile phone radiation is a brain tumor risk for adults. If that is the case, children are almost definitely at a greater risk.
“Giving mobile phones to children represents an enormous experiment in terms of their health.
‘We won’t see anything in children for ten years, but this could very easily be a ticking time-bomb.”
Ongoing research suggests that using mobile phones for extensive periods of time over the course of several decades can lead to a 250% increase in the chances of an adult developing a brain tumor. In the case of children, the risk is thought to increase as much as 500%.

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