Australie : slimme meters; 6 problemen

woensdag, 21 augustus 2013 - Categorie: Berichten Internationaal

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19 aug. 2013

Stop Smart Meters Australia initiates legal action!

Notice from Stop Smart Meters Australia:

Excerpt from the SSMA public notice

Smart meters are a danger to your health because they emit pulsed RF frequencies that have been classified by the IARC as a group 2B carcinogen (possible human carcinogen).

Smart meters invade your privacy because they act as a surveillance device on your home, collecting your personal usage data so that it can be potentially sold to third parties.

Smart meters are a security risk because they are vulnerable to hackers and they enable remote disconnection of the whole State from a few central locations, being the offices of the foreign owned power companies.

Smart meters can start fires because, in the case of older houses, existing wiring may not be compatible with the new device.

Smart meters may increase your power bill because, depending on usage patterns, they provide an opportunity for the power companies to gouge you with ‘time of use’ pricing.

Smart meters are being forced on you without your consent thereby breaching your democratic and human rights.

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