Israel: Slimme meter, metingen

dinsdag, 02 juli 2013 - Categorie: Berichten Internationaal

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1 juli 2013

Electric RF emitting smart meters were deployed in ISRAEL

A few weeks back I went to visit an EHS person that have go from bad to worst in the past few months. When I came into here house, which is in a rural country-side village on the north of ISRAEL, I notices a new electric smart meter on the side of the door. When I passed it my MA2 (RF alarm) meter sounded the alarm when it noticed the RF signal from the smart meter. I pulled my CORNET ED78 meter started to measure the smart meter.
The smart meter transmitted in 4 out of every 5 seconds. The levels were high and it was possible to measure them 5 meters from the meter, inside the house. The RF emission effected all the entry level of the house.

The next thing I noticed is that every 20-40 minutes the surrounding RF levels (measured in the windows and on the roof of the house) went up to around 2-20 uW/cm2 for few minutes!
These temp levels were probably caused by the attempt of the smart RF grid to overcome errors and problems in broadcasting. The way the RF grid try to do so is that every smart(dumb) meter receives and transmits all the broadcasts from it's neighboring meter, kind of dumb if you ask me. The errors are probably cause by the fact that some of the meters were installed inside houses and public building causing both more exposure of people to the RF and bad reception of the signal.

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