USA: Millimeter Waves: The Future of 5G Phones?

vrijdag, 21 juni 2013 - Categorie: Berichten Internationaal

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20 juni 2013

If analysts’ prognostications are correct, just about every physical object we see—clothes, cars, trains, tractors, and, well, some of us—will be connected to mobile networks by the end of the decade. The 50 billion or so sensors and tracking tags analysts envision will transmit a thousand times as much data as today’s mobile gadgets, at speeds up to 100 times as fast as those that existing 4G networks can support. Accommodating all that traffic will require a fifth generation of wireless technology. Fortunately, Samsung engineers are already at work on millimeter-wave transceiver technology, which could enable gigabit-per-second mobile broadband by 2020.

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