India: Act against conventional pollution, cell tower radiation, experts exhort

vrijdag, 07 juni 2013 - Categorie: Berichten Internationaal

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5 juni 2013

Radiation from cellphones and towers is set to become as major a source of pollution as air, water and noise. Skin rashes, hearing problems, sleeplessness, migraines, fatigue, lack of concentration, fearfulness and skin dehydration are among the problems reported by people living in the vicinity of mobile phone towers, which are to be found in every other building in the city. Environmental activists and experts say that citizens and the government must act not only against conventional sources of pollution, but also radiation from cell towers and gadgets.

''International studies show that mobile tower radiation may not only be capable of causing cancer, but also neurotic disorders like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's,'' said Manoj Londhe, a member of the Mobile Tower Grievances Forum. ''Worst, prolonged exposure to radiation may cause DNA mutations and so are very dangerous for foetuses.'' The forum is part of a growing movement in the city to highlight the risks posed by electromagnetic radiation.
Cellphones are a source of distress too. Doctors report receiving cases of up to 50% hearing loss among cellphone users. Dr Divya Prabhat, ENT surgeon with Bhatia and Wadia hospitals, said, ''The most common complaint of patients is that after cellphone use, the ears become hot. Many come with complaints of tinnitus, where there is buzzing in the ears. This results in irritability and lack of concentration.''

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