USA: Aan/uit schakelaars voor WiFi routers

woensdag, 08 mei 2013 - Categorie: Berichten Internationaal

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3 mei 2013

BCCPAC Resolution Passed: On/Off Switches for Wi-Fi Routers and Protocol for the Use of Wireless Devices in Schools

British Columbia Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils - Resolution includes Rationale with Links

May 3, 2013

Be it resolved that

BCCPAC calls on Boards of Education:

1. to provide on/off switches to WiFi routers;

2. to establish a protocol of use that

(i) WiFi routers and WiFi/3G functions of computers/laptops/tablets are to be turned on only when they are
needed for access to the internet via the wireless network; and
(ii) Bluetooth function is to be turned on only if it is needed for accessing other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

3. to observe safety warnings and follow safety instructions in the user manual of iPad by reducing the duration of use under wireless mode and keeping the iPads away from the students' bodies.

1. and 2.(i) are for schools in which WiFi has been installed.
2.(i) and 2.(ii) are for all schools with computers, laptops and tablets that have WiFi/3G/Bluetooth functions.
3. is for schools in which iPads are used.

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