Canada: Commentaar van een gepensioneerd hoogleraar over WiFi en EHS

vrijdag, 22 februari 2013 - Categorie: Berichten Internationaal

Bron: Prof. Spogliarich 20 febr. 2013

Een commentaar op plannen tot verdere verbreiding van WiFi. De plannen zijn niet zo interessant, maar de gedetailleerde reactie van Prof. Spogliarich is dat wel.

Dear Sir,

I read your document regarding your project on wi-fi and EHS. I have a few comments:

1. Your conclusions are based on data provided by corporate-funded research which is clearly flawed, biased and serving the vested interests of the telecommunication industry.

2. You ignore reports and warnings by hundreds of renowned scientists from all over the world including experts from the academic world, doctors and professors with decades of dedicated work on the subject.

3. You ignore the fact that Canada’s exposure limits are amongst the highest (most permissive) in the world. Do you think the rest of the world is wrong in taking a precautionary approach and considering non-thermal effects?

4. You ignore the fact that in Europe more and more public places are uninstalling wi-fi because of health concerns. Do you believe that Europeans are all fools and/or lobbied by unscrupulous activists?

5. You have the gall to denounce conflicts of interest within the anti wi-fi movement, while at the same time ignoring the most obvious one (see point 1).

6. With all due respect, I think that your committee members are not qualified to judge and critique the professional work of the renowned scientists of point 2.

7. You totally ignore the fact that humans developed and evolved in a natural environment which did not include electromagnetic radiation in the microwave range at this level of intensities which are millions of times stronger than the natural background..

8. You totally ignore the fact that all wireless technologies use pulsed signals which do not exist in nature and therefore are even more dangerous than continuous waves.

9. You ignore the fact that wireless connections are notoriously slower, less stable and less secure than wired ones.

10. You ignore the fact that in most places wired connections are already in existence and therefore there is no cost involved in reversing technologies.

11. Your claim that students will “suffer” without wireless connection is ridiculous. You don’t need to be “connected” 24/7 and wherever you are to be able to access all available knowledge.

12. The proliferation of new “wireless only” gadgets cannot be an excuse to carelessly use them and ignore the precautionary principle and common sense.

13. Finally and most importantly, there is no scientific consensus that this technology is safe and therefore it should not be forced on a massive scale on the unsuspecting citizens. A long term experiment is being conducted on a huge scale using the people, including our children, as guinea pigs. This is unethical, immoral and irresponsible.

For all the above reasons, I suggest that your document is misleading the public and does nothing but serve the corporate interests at the expense of the people, our children and our future generations.

Yours faithfully,

Prof. Nabhraj R. Spogliarich,
Associate Professor of General and Inorganic Chemistry (retired)
Saanich, B.C.

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