India: Regering laat onderzoek uitvoeren naar invloed straling zendmasten op vogels.

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Bron: The India Times 19 febr. 2012

Govt to study cell phone tower radiation on birds

CHENNAI: The ministry for environment and forests has commissioned a vital three-month study to understand the impact of mobile phone tower radiation on birds and insects in the wake of disappearing bird species and bees. ''I have heard these radiations have deleterious impact on birds. In Odisha, I heard that crows and other birds have fallen dead from the sky.

There has been no understanding on this,'' said Jayanthi Natarajan, minister for environment and forests on the sidelines of the sixth edition of Beacon 2012, organised by the Loyola Institute of Business Administration on the importance of 'eco-innovation' in business models. ''And this is what prompted us to do the study,'' she added. She also said that she plans to write to the telecom minister. ''They should set up a separate task force to monitor the radiation impacts these towers have,'' she said.

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